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Description :
At the central square of the village Livadi in Elassona, one can find the house where the hero of the Greek Revolution Georgakis Olympios was born. The house has been turned into a folklore museum.

Items related to the everyday lives of the villagers are exhibited on the ground floor. Objects for house use, cooking utensils, tools for the transformation of wool into yarn, various farmers’ tools, but also various types of weapons. Climbing up the stairs we face the living room, fully decorated. The fireplace and “koches” (low beds) with rugs, “misandra” (the closet), “sofras” (a low table) and other objects can all be found in the room, alongside traditional costumes from the village.


At the central square of the village Livadi in Elassona.  It is 74 km far away from Larissa.
It can be reached by car, following at the beginning the road Larissa-Elassona. After the arrival to the Elassona, you should follow the diversion sign to Kozani. After 8 km turn right following the diversion sign to Katerini. After 13 km turn left following the diversion sign to Dolichi and Livadi. After 13km you will arrive to Livadi village.
Folklore Museum of Giorgakis Olympios is located at the square of the village.
It is not accessible by people with disabilities.

Opening hours:
Everyday except for Monday from 10:00 to 13:30
The project is financed from European funds 75% and from national funds 25%

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