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The region of Mt Kissavos, where one can find today the Church Museum of the Municipality of Lakereia, the region around the village of Anatoli that is ( used to be called Selitsiani) constituted a part of a monastic centre called the “Mountain of Cells”. This name originated from the many cells, the residencies of Anchorites, but also the Byzantine monasteries found in the region.

According to sources, the Mountain of Cells saw the development of monkhood from the 9th until the 14th century. Many remarkable personalities, organizers of the monastic ideal passed through the area and led the ascetic’s life there.

Today, just outside the village of Anatoli one can find the women’s monastery of Timios Prodromos. One part of the monastery dates to 1100, while the main part of the monastic building was erected in 1550 A.D. by the holy martyr Damianos, who organized there a communal community of monks, which was during the 16th century one of the most developed such communities in eastern Thessaly.

In the monasteries and the residencies of the Anchorites of the region (which are no longer functional) one can find a wealth of church items but also priceless icons, which were collected following the initiative of the Cultural Association of Anatolites and thus, the Church Museum of the Municipality of Lakereia was established.

The Church Museum of the Municipality of Lakereia can be found at the village of Anatoli, which is found at an altitude of 950 m, approximately 18 km from the seat of the Municipality (the village Dimitra) and approximately 42 km away from Larissa.The museum was established in 1986 and is housed in a hall of the Church of St Georgios, which can be found on the village’s square, next to the old school. More specifically, the loft and the rear entry of the Church were both closed and the two-storey space was created for the hosting of the museum’s exhibits.

Opening period:During the summer months,From September to May:
Information from the Cultural Association of Anatolites, tel: 2410 - 551597
The project is financed from European funds 75% and from national funds 25%

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