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At the Historical Archives of Agia one can find many documents dating from the 18th century until today, as well as old manuscripts from 1621, with valuable information on Agia and its county. It was established in 1977, following the initiative and systematic efforts of the historian Dimitris K. Agraphiotis (1948-1999), as well as the sound sensitization and mobilization of the locals for the salvaging of the testimonials of the region’s history.

Through the addition of the personal and family archives of Miltiadis I. Dallas, the Archives became even richer and constituted the means for the preservation and the promotion of the cultural and historical heritage of the region.


The Historical Archives of Agia are located between Metaxochori village and Agia. The Historical Archives are 2 km far away from Agia and 44 km from Larissa.
It can be reached by car, following the road Larissa-Agia. Before the central square you should turn left. Follow the diversion sign to Metaxochori. After 2 km you will arrive to the Historical Archives. The building is at right side of the road and has its own free parking.
It is also accessible by people with disabilities.

The Historical Archives of Agia are housed in the former Primary School of Metaxochori, covering a 400 m2 space and offer a reading room and a library.
Tel.: 24940-23998

Despite the fact that it does not constitute a Municipality seat, Agia is fortunate enough to be one of the few cities of Greece with its own Archival Service, the Local Archive of Agia.

The project is financed from European funds 75% and from national funds 25%

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